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vacant, e, vacant
vacarme, m., din
vacciner, vaccinate
vain, e, vain, in vain
vaincre, overcome
vainqueur, winner
vaisseau, x, m., vessel, boat
valet, m., valet
valeur, f., value
vallon, m., valley
valoir, valued
vanter, boast
vapeur, f., steam.
vaurien, m., Rascal

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veau, x, m., calf
veiller, ensure
velours, m., velvet
vendeur, euse, seller
vendre, sell
vendredi, m., Friday
vengeance, f., vengeance
venger: se --, avenge
venir, come.
ver, m., worm
verger, m., orchard
véridique, true
véritable, real, veritable
vérité, f., truth
verre, m., glass
vers, towards
vers, m., verse
vertu, f., virtue
vêtement, m., garment, clothes
vétéran, m., veteran
vêtir, to dress
veuf, m., widower
vexé, e, vexed, annoyed
vexer, to annoy

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viande, f., meat
vice, m., vice
victime, f., victim
victoire, f., victory
victorieux, euse, victorious
vide, empty, vacuum
vider, to empty
vie, f., life
vieillard, m., old man
vieille (f. de vieux), old woman
Vienne, Vienna
vieux, vieil, vieille, âgé. Mon --, old friend
vif, vive, bright, animated
vilain, e, ugly, dishonest
village, m.,village
villageois, e, villagers
ville, f., town, city
vin, m., wine
violon, m., violin
visage, m., face
visible, visible
visiter, to visit
visiteur, euse, visitor
vite, quickly
vivant, e, living
vivat! cheers!
vivement, strongly, passionately
vivre, live

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vocalise, f., vocalise
vœ u, x, m., vow
voici, here it is
voilà, there it is
voile, sailing
voir, see
voisin, e, neighbor
voisinage, m., neighborhood
voix, f., voice
vol, m., fly
voler, to steal
voleur, euse, thief
volonté, f., will
volontiers, willingly, voluntarily
volume, m., volume
votre, adj. poss. sing., your
vouloir, want
vous, you
voyage, m., travel
voyager,   to travel
voyageur, euse, traveller

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vrai, e, true
vraiment, truly

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vu, see, view
vue, f., ability to see
vulgariser, popularise

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