Assisted reading (with audio)

This section contains short stories by seven famous French authors, each one accompanied by an mp3 audio recording of a native French speaker reading the text.

Reading along as you listen to the recording will help you understand French pronunciation, and where the emphasis is placed in words and phrases.

The texts are all available now, plus the mp3 audio recordings for the first five stories; and more are coming soon!

L'Histoire la Plus Drôle, par Jacques Normand - 4 pages, with mp3 audio!

Pour le Ruban, par Montjoyeux - 7 pages, with mp3 audio!

Le Petit Homme Rouge, par François de Nion - 6 pages, with mp3 audio!

L'Oncle Sambuq, par Paul Arène - 8 pages, with mp3 audio!

La Charge des Morts, par Henry de Forge - 9 pages

Un Mariage, par Ernest Laut - 11 pages

L'Aventure de Walter Schnaffs, par Guy de Maupassant - 12 pages

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