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c', V. ce. this
cabane, f., cabin
cabaret, m., cabaret
cabinet, m., cabinet
câble, m., cable, thick rope

cacher, hide, conceal
cacheter, seal, sealing
cadeau, m., present, gift
café, m., coffee
cailler, curdle
caillou, x, m., pebble
caisse, f., fund
calculer, calculate
calme, calm
calomnie, f., slander
camarade, m., comrade
camp, m., camp
campagnard, e, country
campagne, f., countryside
camper, camping
candidat, m., candidate
canne, f., cane
cantatrice, f., professional singer
cantique, m., spiritual/religious song
capable, capable
capitaine, m., captain
capitale, f., capital
capitulation, f., capitulation
captif, ive, captive, prisoner
capture, f., capture
car, conj., because
caractère, m., character, nature
caravane, f., caravan.
carnaval, m., carnival
carrière, f., career
carrosse, m., coach
carte, f., map
cartographe, m., cartographer, map-maker
carton, m., cardboard, carton
cas, m., circumstance En tout --, no matter what happens
casserole, f., pan
cause, f., because
causer, cause
cavalerie, f., cavalry
cavalier, m., rider (horseback)

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ce, pr. dém. m. sing., this
ce, cet, cette, ces, adj. dém., this
cela, pr. dém., this, that thing
célèbre, famous
celui, cene, ceux, celles, pro dém., that
censé, supposed
centre, m., center
cependant, however
cérémonie, f., ceremony.
certain, e, certain
certainement, certainly
certitude, f., conviction
cesser, cease, discontinue

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chacun, e, pron. indéf., each
chaise, f., chair
chambre, f., bedroom
chameau, m., camel
champ, m., field
champion, m., champion
chance, f., luck
chanceler,  totter, wobble
chandelle, f., candle
changement, m., change
changer, changing
chanson, f., song
chant, m., singing
chanter, to sing
chanteur, euse, signer
chapeau, x, m., hat
chapelier, m., hatter, hat maker
chapelle, f., chapel
chapitre, m., chapter
chaque, adj. indéf.,each
charbon, m., coal
charge, f., load, burden
charger, give an order, a commision
charlatanisme, m., quackery
charmant, e, charming
charmer, to charm
charretier, m., carter, someone who dirves a cart
charrette, f., cart
charrue, f., plow
chasse, f., hunting
chasser, hunt
chasseur, m., hunter
chat, m., cat
château, m., castle, large country house
chaussure, f., shoe
chef-d'œuvre, m., masterpeice
chemin, m., path
cheminée, f., fireplace
cher, chère, dear, dearly loved
chercher, look for, search for
cheval, aux, m., hair (on the head)
chez, prép., home
chien, m., dog
chirurgien, m., surgeon
choisir, choose
choix, m., choices
chose, f., thing
chrétien, enne, Christian
chute, f., Fall

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cicatrice, f., scar
ciel, m., sky
cinquante, adj. num., fifty
cinquième, adj. ord., fifth
circonstance, f., circumstances
circonvoisin, e, close, neighbouring
circulation, f., traffic
cirque, f., circus
citer, cite, quote
citoyen, enne, citizen
civil, e, civil, polite

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classe, f., class
classique, classic
clef, f., key
client, m., client, customer
clientèle, f., customers
clinique, f., clinic
clore, close, surround

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cochon, m., pig
ur, m., heart
coiffeur, m., haridresser
coin, m., corner
colère, f., anger
collation, f., snack
collection, f., collection
coller, stick
combat, m., combat
combattant, e, combatant, fighter
combattre, fight
comédie, f., comedy
commander, command, order
comme, like
commencer, begin
comment, how
commerçant, m., trader
commerce, m., commerce, business
commettre, commit
commis, m., committed
commission, f., commission
commodément, conveniently
commun, e, common
communication, f., communication
compagnie, f., company
compagnon, m., companion
comparaison, f., comparison
compatriote, m., compatriot
compenser, compensate
compère, m., gossip
complaisant, e, complacent
compliment, m., compliment
composer, compose
comprendre, understand
compte, m., account
compter, counting
comte, m., count (nobility)
concentrer, concentrate, focus
concevoir, fig., design
concierge, m., concierge
conclure, conclude
conclusion, f., finally, conclusion
concurrence, f., shared agreement/conclusion
condamner, condemn
condition, f., provided, rank, social position
conducteur, m., conductor
conduire, drive, lead, guide
confiance, f., confidence
confident, m.,confident
confier, assign
confondre, confuse
confrère, m., brother (of the same profession)
congédier, dismiss, returned
congrégation, f., congregation
congrès, m.,congress
conjoncture, f., conditions
connaissance, f., knowledge
connaisseur, m., connoisseur
connaître, know
connu, e, known, well known
conquérant, e, conqueror
conquérir, conquer
conquête, f., conquest
consacrer, consecrate
conscience, f., conscience
conseil, m., advice, opinion.
conseiller, m., advisor, counsellor
conseiller, advise, give advice
consentir, vouloir bien, trouver bon.
conséquence, f., consequently
conserver, conserve, preserve
considérablement, considerably, much
considérer, consider
consoler, confort, console
consultation, f., consultation
consulter, consult
conte, m., tale
contempler, contemplate
content, e, happy, content
contenter, content, satisfy
conter, tell
contestant, m., challenger
contestation, f., challenge
conteur, m., storyteller
continuellement, constantly, continually
continuer, continue
contraindre, coerce, compel
contraire, rather, the opposite
contre, prép., against
contrebande, f., smuggling
contre-cœur: à --, against-heart
contrefaire, counterfeit, fake
contrefait, e, counterfeit
convaincre, convince
convenir, agree
convenu, e, agreed
conversation, f., conversation
convié, e, invited
copier, capy
coq, m., cock (bird)
coquin, e, naughty
corbeille, f., basket
corde, f., rope
cordon, m., cord
corne, f., horn
corps, m., body
correctionnel, elle, correctional
corridor, m., corridor
costume, m., costume, way of dressing
côte, f., coast
côté, m., side
cou, m., neck.
coucher, go to bed
coude, m., elbow
couler, flow
couleur, f., color
coulisse, f., scenes
coup, m., suddenly
coupable, guilty, the culprit
couper, cut, split
coupole, f., dome
cour, f., court
courage, m., courage
courir, run
couronner, top, put a crown on, honor
cours, m., over, duration
course, f., race
court, e, short
courtisan, m., courtier
coussin, m., cushion
coûtant: prix --, cost, price
coûter, cost
coutume, f., custom
couture, f., sewing
couvert, e, covered

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craindre, fear
cravache, f., whip
crayon, m., pencil
créancier, ère, creditor
crédit, m., credit
crédulité, f., credibility
créer, create
crever, burst
cri, m., cry, raised voice
crier, scream
criminel, elle, criminal
critique, m., criticism
croc, m., hook
croire, believe
cruauté, f., cruelty
cruche, f., pitcher
cruel, elle, cruel

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cucurbitacée, f., gourd
cuir, m., leather
cuire, cook
cuisine, f., kitchen
curieux, euse, curious
curiosité, f., curiosity

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