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ma, V. mon. my
machinalement, mechanically
machine, f., machine
mâchoire, f., jaw
maçon, m., mason
madame, f., madame, married woman
mademoiselle, f., miss, unmarried woman
magistrat, m., magistrate
magnificence, f., magnificence
magnifique, magnificent, beautiful
maigreur, f.,thinness
main, f., hand
maire, m., mayor
mais, conj., but
maison, f., house
maître,  master

maîtresse, mistress
majesté, f., majesty mal, maux, m., bad, evil
malade, ill
maladie, f., illness, diesease
maladroit, e, clumsy
malgré, despite
malheur, m., unfortunate
malheureux, euse, sad
malhonnête, dishonest
malin, maligne, malignant
maman, f., mother
manche, f., sleeve
mander, summon
manger, eat
mangeur, m., eater
manie, f., mania
manière, f., method, manner
manque, m., missing
manquer, missing, absent
manteau, x, m., coat
maraud, scoundrel
maraude, f., marauding
maraudeur, euse, marauder
marchand, e, merchant
marchander, haggle
marchandise, f., merchandise
marché, m., market
marcher, walking
maréchal, m., marshal
mari, m., husband
mariage, m., marriage
marié, e, married person
marier, to marry
marin, m., sailor
marine, f., navy
marque, f., mark
marquer, brand, mark
marquis, m., marquis
Marseillais, e, someone from Marseilles
mascarade, f., mascarade
masque, f., mask
massacrer, massacre, kill
matelot, m., sailor
matin, m., morning
mauvais, e, bad
maxime, f., maxim
maximum, m., Maximum

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me, me
mécontent, e, unhappy
médecin, m., doctor
médecine, f., medicine
médical, e, aux, medical
médiocre, mediocre
méditation, f., meditation
méfiance, f., distrust
méfier, distrust
meilleur, e, best
melon, m., melon
membre, m., member
même, same
mémoire, f., memory
menacer, threaten, menace
ménage, m., household
ménager, household, manage carefully
ménagerie, f., menagerie
mendiant, e, beggar
mener, lead
mensonge, m., lie
menteur, euse, liar
mentionner, mention
mentir, to lie
mépriser, despise
mer, f., sea
merci, thank you
mère, f., mother
mériter, merit, worthy
mes, adj. poss. pl. de mon, ma. my
messager, m., messenger
métamorphose, f., metamorphosis
méthode, f., method
métier, m., trade, profession
mets, m., dishes
mettre, put, place
meute, f., pack (animal)

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midi, m., mid-day, noon
miel, m., honey
mien, pr. poss., mine
mieux, best
milieu, x, m., environment, surroundings
militaire, military
mille, thousand
ministre, m., minister
minuit, m., midnight
minute, f., minute
miracle, m., miracle
misérable, miserable
mission, f., Mission

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mode, f., mode, manner
modiste, f., miliner, who makes fashion items
moi, pr. pers. de la 1ère personne
moindre, smaller
moins, less
mois, m., month
moitié, f., half
moment, m., moment
mon, adj. poss., my
monarque, m., monarch
monde, m., world
monnaie, f., currency
monsieur, messieurs, m., sir, gentlemen
monstre, m., monster
mont, m., mount
montant, m., amount
monter, go up, higher
montre, f., watch, wristwatch
montrer, show
monture, f., mounted
moquer, mock
moquerie, f., mockery
moqueur, euse, mocking
morceau, x, m., piece
mordre, bite
morsure, f., wound made by biting
mort, f., death
mortel, elle, mortal
mortifier, mortify, humiliate
mot, m., word
motif, m., pattern, reason for action
mouche, f., fly
mouiller, wet (make wet)
mourir, die
mouton, m., sheep
mouvement, m., movement
moyen, enne, middle (e.g. middle ages)
moyen, m., means
moyennant, subject, by means of

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muet, ette, dumb, silent
mugissement, m., roar (animal)
mule, f., mule
municipalité, f., municipality
mur, m., wall
muraille, f., wall
murmure, m., whisper
musicien, enne, musician
musique, f., music
musulman, e, muslim
mutuellement, mutually

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mystifier, mystify

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