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gagner, win
gaiement, merrily
gala, m., gala.
gamin, m., kid,
garçon, m.,boy
garde, f., guard
garde-chasse, m., gamekeeper
garder, keep, maintain
garer, parking, to park
garnison, f., garrison
gâter, spoiled

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geler, freeze
gémir, groan
général, aux, m., general
général, e, aux, generally
généralement, generally
généreusement, generously
genou, x, m., knee
genre, m., genre, sort
gens, m. f. pl., people
gentil, ille, nice
géographe, m., geography
géomètre, m., surveyor
gérant, m., manager
gibier, m., game (as in hunting)

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glacé, e, icy
glisser, slide
gloire, f., glory
glorieux, euse, glorious
gloutonnerie, f., Gluttony

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gorge, f., throat
gosse, m. et f., kid
gourmand, e, greedy
goût, m., taste
goûter, to taste
gouvernement, m., Government

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grâce, f., thanks to...
grade, m., rank, degree, grade
grain, m., grain
grand, e, large
grandeur, f.,size
grand-père, m., grandfather.
grappe, f., cluster
gras, grasse, grease, greasy
gratification, f., tip
gratis, scratching
gratter, to scratch
grave, serious
gravement, seriously
graver, engraving
gré, m., will
grec, grecque, Greek
grognard, e, grumbler
grognement, m., grunt
grogner, grumbling
grommeler, grumbling
gros, grosse, big
grossier, ère, coarse

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guenille, f., rag
guère, little
guérir, heal
guerre, f., war
guerrier, ère, warrior, soldier
guerroyer, make war
guetter, watch
gueule, f., face, mouth
gueux, gueuse, beggar
guide, m., guide

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