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tabac, m., tobacco
table, f., table
tableau, x, m., painting
tablier, m., apron
tâche, f., task
tâcher, try
taille, f., size
tailler, cut
tailleur, m., tailor
taillis, m., thicket
taire: se --, silence, stay silent
talent, m., talent
talon, m., heel
tandis que, whereas, while
tant, so much
tapage, m., noise, uproar
tape, f., hit with the hand/fist
tard, late
tarder, be late, delay
tarir, dry up
tarte, f., tart
tâter, press lightly
tâtonner, groping, searching by feeling
taupe, f., mole
taureau, x, m., Bull

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tel, telle, like, as such
télescope, m., telescope
tellement, in such a way, to a certain point
témoin, m., witness
témoigner, to witness, testlfy
temps, m., time
tendre, tender
tendre, to advance
tenir, hold
tentative, f., attempt, tentative
tente, f., tent
tenter, try
terme, m., term
terminer, terminate, finish
terrain, m.,field
terre, f., earth
terrible, terrible
terrier, m., terrier
terreur, f., terror
terrifier, terrify
testament, m., will (legal)
tête, f., head
textuellement,   according to the text

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théâtre, m., theatre
théologie, f., theology
thèse, f., Thesis

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timide, shy, timid
tirer, shoot
titre, m., right (to)
titré, e, titled

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toile, f., canvas
tombeau, x, m., tomb
tomber, fall
ton, m., tone
tondeur, euse, shearer
tonnerre, m., thunder
tordre, twisting
torrent, m., torrent
tort, m., wrong
tortu, e, crooked
tôt, earlier
toucher,   in touch
toujours, always
tourmenter, torment
tourner: se --, turn
tourneur, m., turner
tout, toute, tous, toutes, all
toutefois, however, although

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trace, f., brand
traduction, f., translation
traduire, translate
tragédie, f., tragedy (poem)
tragique, tragic
trahir, betray
traîner, drag
traitement, m., treatment, reception
traité, m., treaty
traiter, treated
tramer, weave
tranche, f., slice
tranquille, tranquil
tranquillement, quietly, peacefully
tranquilliser,   to calm
transformer, transform
transparent, e, transparent
transporter, transport
travail, travaux, m., work
travailler, to work
travers: de --, through
traverser, pass through
trembler, tremble
trente, thirt
trépasser, pass away, die
très, adv., very
trille, f., trill
triomphant, e, triumphant
triomphe, m., triumph
triompher, to triumph
tristement, sadly
trois, three
troisième, num. ord., third
tromper, err, misunderstand
trompeur, euse, someone who misleads
tronc, m., trunk
trop, too much
troubler,   to disturb
troupier, m., trooper
trousse, f., kit
trouver, find

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tu, toi, te, pr. pers. sing. de la 2me personne. you
tuer, kill
tumulte, m.,tumult
turc, turque, Turkish

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type, m., type, ideal model
tyran, m., tyrant

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