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raconter, tell, tell a story
raide, stiff, rigid
raison, f., reason
raisonnable, reasonable
ramasser, pick up, gather
ramener, bring back
rampe, f., ramp
rancune, f., grudge
rang, m., rank
ranger, put in order
rapide, rapid
rapidement, rapidly
rappeler, remember
rapport, m., report, compliance
rapporter, report
rapprocher, move close to
rare, rare, uncommon
rarement, rarely
raser, shave
rassembler, collect
rassurer, reassure
rattacher: se --, link
rattraper, catch up
ravage, m., havoc
ravager, ravage
ravir, delight,
rayer, scratch

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réaliser, realise, achieve
recette, f., recipe
recevoir, receive
recherche, f., research
récidiver, reoffend
récit, m., narrative
réclamation, f., claim
réclamer, to claim
recommendation, f., recommendation
recommander, to recommend
récompense, f., compensation
récompenser, to compensate
réconcilier, reconcile
reconnaissance, f., recognise, remembrance
reconnaître, recognise
recoucher, lie down, put back to bed
recourber, bending, curved
recourir, recourse to
recours, m., appeal
reculer, retreat
rédaction, f., writing
redire, repeat
redoubler, strengthen
redoutable, awesome
redouter, fear
redresser, recover
réduction, f., reduction
réduire, reduce
réfléchir, reflect
réflexion, f., reflecting
refuser, refuse
régaler, feast, give a treat
regard, m.: à ses --s, look
regarder, to look
régence, f., regency
régiment, m., regiment
règle, f., rule
régler, put in order
règne, m., reign
régner, to reign
regret, m., regret
regretter, to regret
reine, f., queen
rejeter, reject
réjouir, rejoice
remarier, re-marry
rembourser, reimburse
remercier, thank
remerciement, m., give thanks.
remettre, put back
remplacer, replace
remplir, fill
rencontre, f., meeting
rencontrer, meet
rendez-vous, m., appointment
rendre, give back
renom, m., renowned
renoncer, give up
renouvellement, m., renewal
renseigner, educate
rente, f., annuity
rentrer, go home
renverser, turn upsidedown
renvoyer, send back
répandre, spread
réparation, f., repair
réparer, to repair
repartie, f., distributed
repartir, to leave
repas, m., meal
repasser, memorise
repentir, repent
répéter, repeat

repli, m., ripple
répliquer, reply
répondre, respond
réponse, f., response, answer
reposer: se --, rest
repousser, repel
reprendre, take again, take back
représentant, m., representative
représenter, represen
reprise, f., recovery
réputation, f., reputation
requérir, request
requin, m., shark
réserve, reserve
résolution, f., resolution, decision
résoudre, resolve
respect, m., respect
respectueux, euse, respectfully
ressouvenir, recollection
restauration, f., restoration, recovery
reste, m., the rest, what is left
rester, stay
restituer, return
résultat, m., result
résulter, to result
rétablir, restore
rétablissement, m., recovery
retard, m., retard, delay
retentir, sound
retirer, remove
retour, m., return
retourner, to return
retrouver, find
réunion, f.: meeting
réunir, together, bring together
réussir, succeed
revanche, f.: en --, however
rêve, m., dream
réveil, m., alarm
revenir, return
revenu, m., revenue, income
rêver, to dream
revêtir, coated
revoir, see again
revue, f., journal
rez-de-chaussée, m., ground

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riche, rich
richesse, f., wealth
rideau, x, m., curtain
ridicule, ridiculous
rien, nothing
riposter, respond
rire, laugh
rival, e, aux, rival
rivalité, f., rivalry
rivière, f., River

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robe, f., dress
roi, m., king
rôle, role, turn
romain, e, romance
romancier, ère,
ronde, round
rôtir, roast
rouge, red
rougir, blush
rougissant, e, blushing
route, f., road
royal, e, aux, royal
royaume, m., Kingdom

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rue, f., street
rugir, roar
rugissement, m., roaring
ruisseau, x, m., stream
ruse, f., cunning
rusé, e, cuning, skillful
Russe, Russian
rustre, rustic

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