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fable, f., fable
fabricant, m., manufacturer
fabriquer, make
face, f., face
facétie, f., joke
fâcher, angry
fâcheux, euse, unfortunate
facile, easy
facilité, f., ease
façon, f., fashion, manner
faculté, f., faculty
faible, weak
faillible, fallible
faim, f., hunger
faire, do, create, make
fait, m., actually, fact
falloir, have to
fameux, euse, famous
famille, f., family
fanfare, f., band
fantaisie, f., fantasy
farine, f., flour
fastueux, euse, glitzy, luxury
fat, fat, stupid
fataliste, fatalistic
fatigue, f., fatigue
faubourg, m., suburb
faussaire, m. et f., forger
faute, f., fault
fauteuil, m., chair, armchair
fauve, tawny color
faux, fausse, false
faveur, f., favor
favorable, favorable
favori, ite, favorite

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feindre, feign
fêlé, e: tête --, cracked, crazy
féliciter, congratulate
femme, f., woman
fendre: geler à pierre --, split, freeze
fenêtre, f., window
fer, m., iron, (metal)
ferme, adj., solid
ferme, f., farm
fermer, close
fermier, m., farmer
féroce, fierce
fertile, fertile
festin, m., feast
fête, f., party
feu, m., fire
feuilleter, browse

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fidèle, faithful
fier, ère, proud
fier, trust (someone/thing)
fièrement, proudly
fièvre, f., fever
figure, f., figure, face
filandreux, euse, stringy, confused
filer, go fast
fille, f., girl, dughter
fils, m., son
fin, f., end
finesse, f., finesse, skill
finir, finish, finally
fixe, fixed

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flatter, flatter
flatteur, euse, flatterer
fléau, x, m., scourge
flèche, f., arrow
fleur, f., flower
flot, m., Flow

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foi, f. faith, belief
foin, m., hay
foire, f., fair
fois, f., time
fonctionnaire, m., official
fonctionner, function, act, work
fond, m., background
fondamental, e, aux, fundamental
fonder, based
fondre, melt
force, f., force, power
force, adj., many
forcé, e, force
forcer, to force
forger, forge, invent
formation, f., training
former, to form
formidable, great
fort, e, strong, solid, sturdy
fortement, strongly
fortune, f., fortune, luck
fou, folle,   crazy, insane
foudre, f., lightning
foudroyant, e, shocking, staggering
fouiller, search
foule, f., crowd
fourbe, m., deceitful
fournir, provide
fourrage, m., fodder
fourrager, forage
fourreau, m., sheath
fourrure, f., fur
foyer, m., house, hallway

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fracas, m., crash, uproar
frais, m. pl., cost
frais, fraîche, fresh
français, e, French
frapper, to hit
frayeur, f., fright
fréquemment, frequently
frère, m., brother
fresque, f., fresco
friponnerie, f., roguery, deceit
froid, cold
froncer, frown
frondeur, adj., rebelious, critical
front, m., forehead
fruit, m., Fruit

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fuir, flee
fumer, smoke
fureur, f., fury, rage
furieux, euse, furious
fusil, m., rifle
futur, e, future

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