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bagatelle, f., bagatelle, something of little value
baigné, bathed
baigner, bathe
bâillement, m., yawn
bâiller, yawning
bailli, m., bailiff
bal, m., ball (dancing)
balafre, f., scar
balbutier, stammer
balle, f., ball, bullet
banlieue, f., suburb
banque, f., bank
banqueroute, f., bankruptcy
banquet, m., banquet
baptiser, baptise
barbare, barbaric, cruel
barbe, f., beard
barbier, m., barber
barbouiller, scribble
barbu, e, bearded
barrière, f., fence, barrier
bas, basse, low, inferior
baser, lower
bastonnade, f., beating
bât, m., pack
bataille, f., battle
bâtiment, m., building
bâtir, build
battre, do battle, fight
bavard, e, talkative

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beau, bel, belle, beaux, beautiful
beaucoup, many
bébé, m., baby
becqueter, peck
bénéfice, m., profit
berner, fool, mock, ridicule
besogne, f., work, task
besoin, m., need
bestiaux, m. pl., cattle, herd of domestic animals
bête, f., beast
bévue, f., Blunder

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bien, well
bienfaisant, e, beneficent, charitable
bienfait, m., benefit
bienfaiteur, trice, benefactor
bientôt, soon.
bijou, x, m., jewel
billet, m., ticket
bisaïeul, m., great-grandfather
bizarre, bizarre, weird

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blasphême, m., blasphemy
blessant, e, wounding
blessé, e, injured
blesser, to be injured
blessure, f., Injury

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bœuf, m., beef
bohémien, enne, bohemian
boire, drink
bois, m., wood
boisson, f., a drink
bombe, f., bomb
bon, bonne, good
bondir, jump
bonheur, m., happiness
bonhomie, f., goodness of heart
bonhomme, m., simple man
bonjour, m., hello, good day
bonne, f., servant
bonté, f., kindness
bord, m., board, shore, coast
borgne, blind in one eye
borne, f., terminal, limited
borner, confined, limited
bossu, e, hunchback
botte, f., boot
bouche, f., mouth
bouchée, f., bite, put in the mouth
boucher, m., butcher
boucher, close an opening
boue, f., mud
bouffon, m., buffoon
bouger, move
bouillant, e, boiling
boulanger, m., baker
boulevard, m., boulevard, avenue
bourgeois, e, wealthy person
bourgmestre, m., mayor
bourreau, m., executioner
bourse, f., purse
bout, m., end
boutique, f., Shop

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branche, f., branch, division
bras, m., arms
brave, brave
bravement, bravely
bravoure, f., bravery
brigand, m., robber, highwayman
brillant, e, bright
briller, shine
briser, break
broche, f., pin
brayer, break, crush
bruit, m., noise
brûler, burn
brusquement, suddenly

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buffet, m., buffet
buisson, m., bush, bushes
bureau, m., desk,or office
but, m., purpose, intention

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