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jaloux, ouse, jealous
jamais, never
jambe, f., leg
jardin, m., garden
jardinier, m., gardener
jaune, yellow

je, I
jeter, throw
jeu, x, m., game
jeune, young.

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joie, f., joy
joli, e, pretty
joliment, beautiful
joue, f., cheek
jouer, play
joueur, m., player
joug, m.,   yoke
jouir, enjoy
jour, m.,day
journal, aux, m., newspaper
journaliste, m., journalist
journée, f., day
joyeux, euse, cheerful

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judas, m., peephole
juge, m., judge
jugement, m., judgment
juif, ive, Jewish
jurer, swear
jusque, even, just to
juste, indeed, just
justement, justification
justifier: se --, justify, justification
justice, f., justice

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