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habile, clever
habiller, to dress
habit, m., cloat, clothing
habitant, e, resident
habiter, live in, remain
habitude, f., custom, usually
habitué, e, used to
habituel, elle, usual
habituer, get used to
hâbleur, m., boastful
haillon, m., rag
haler, haul, pull hard
halte, f., halt, stop
hameçon, m., hook
happer, snatch
hardi, e, bold
hardiesse, f., boldness
harmonie, f., harmony
hasard, m., chance
hâte, f., hurry
hâter, hasten
haut, e, above, high
hautesse, f., highness
hauteur, f., Height

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hé! interj., hey!
hélas! interj., alas!
héritage, heritage, inherit
hériter, inherit
héritier, ère, heir
héroïquement, heroically
héros, m., hero
hésiter, hesitation
heure, f., hour
heureux, euse, happy
heurter, offend

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hier, yesterday
histoire, f., history
hiver, m., Winter

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homme, m., man
honnête, honest
honnêteté, f., honesty
honneur, m., honour
honte, f., shame
honteux, euse, ashamed, shameful
hôpital, aux, m., hospital
horloger, m., watchmaker
horrible, horrible
hors, outside
hôte, m., host
hôtel, m., hotel
hôtelier, m., someone who runs a hotel

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huit, eight
huître, f., oyster
humble, humble
humeur, f., mood
humilier, humiliate

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