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obéissance, f., obedience
objet, m., object, article
obliger, imposer l'obligation de.
observer, observe
obstacle, m., obstacle
obtenir, obtain

occasion, f., occasion
occupation, f., accupation
occuper: s'--, to occupy, care
oculaire, regarding the eye

odieux, euse, obnoxious
odorat, m., Smell

œ il, yeux, m., eye
œ uf, m., egg
œ uvre, f., Work

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office, m., office
officiel, elle, official
officier, m., officer
offre, f., (an) offer
offrir, offer, resent

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oiseau, x, m., Bird

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ombre, f., Shadow

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on, pr. indéf. m. sing. One (as in “ one does ...” )
once, f., ounce
oncle, m., uncle
onde, f., Wave

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opérer, operate
opinion, f., opinion
opposer: s'--, oppose, be contrary to
opposition, f., opposition
opulent, e, opulent, abundance, wealth

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or, however
orage, m.,storm.
orateur, m., speaker
ordinaire, ordinary
ordinairement, ordinarily
ordonnance, f., prescription
ordonnateur, trice, officer
ordonner, to order
ordre, m., order, command
oreille, f., ear
organiste, n., organist
orge, f., barley
original, e, aux, original
origine, f., origin
ornement, m., Ornament

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oser, dare

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ôter, remove

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où, where
oublier, forget
oui, yes
outre: en --, also
ouvert, e, open
ouverture, f., opening, hole
ouvrage, m., volume (literary)
ouvrier, ère, worker (manual)
ouvrir, open

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