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ici, here

idée, f., idea
identité, f., Identity

ignorant, e, ignorant
ignorer, ignore

il, he
île, f., island
illustre, famous

image, f., image
imagination, f., imagination
imaginer, imagine
imbécile, imbecile
imiter, copy another
immédiatement, immediately
immense, immense, vast
imminence, f., imminent
impassible, impassive
impatienter, impatient
impertinent, e, sassy, cheeky
impitoyable, ruthless
implorer, beg
importance, f., importance
important, e, importantly
importer, import
impossible, impossible
imposteur, m., imposter
impôt, m., tax
impression, f., printing
improviste: à l'--, unexpected
imprudent, e, qimprudent
impudence, f., Impudence

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incident, m., incident
incliner, incline
incognito, incognito
incommoder, bother
inconduite, f., misconduct
inconnu, e, unknown
inconscient, e, unconscious
incontestable, incontestable
inconvénient, m., downside, inconvenient
incroyable, unbelievable, incredible
indemnité, f., compensation
Inde, india
indépendance, f., independance
indigne, unworthy
indigné, e, indignant
indiquer, indicate
indirect, e, indirect
indiscipliné, e, undisciplined
individu, m., individual
indulgence, f., indulgence
ineffaçable, indelible
inextricable, inextricable
infailliblement, infallibly
infanterie, f., infantry
infatigable, indefatigable
infester, infest
infini, e, infinity
infirmité, f., infirmity
influence, f., influence
informer, inform
infortune, f., misfortune
infortuné, e, malheureux.
ingénieux, euse, resourceful, ingenious
ingénument, ingeniously
ingrat, e, ungrateful
ingratitude, f., ingratitude
inhabité, e, uninhabited
ininterrompu, e, uninterrupted
injustice, f., injustice
inquiet, ète, worried
inquiéter, worry
inquiétude, f., anxiety
insatiable, insatiable
inscription, f., inscription
insensé, e, foolish, crazy
insensibilité, f., insensitive
insigne, remarkable
insomnie, f., insomnia
inspirer, inspire, breathe in
instant, m., instant, moment
instant, e, pressing
instruire, teach
instrument, m., instrument
insulte, f., insult
insulter, insulting
intenter, commerce, initiate
interdit, e, prohibited
intérêt, m., interest
interpeller, call
interpréter, interpret
interrogation, f., quiestion
interroger, query
interrompre, interrupt
interruption, f., interruption
intervenir, intervene
intimement, intimately
intriguer, intrigue
introduire, introduce
inutile, useless
invalide, invalid
inventer, invent
inventeur, m., inventor
inviter, invite

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irlandais, e, Irish
irrégulier, ère, irregular
irriter, irritate

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issue, f., outcome, final result

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ltalie, Italy
italien, enne, Italian

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i vre, drunk
ivrogne, m., drunkard

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