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You can use the quizzes and other resources on this website as often as you like to help you learn French, but if you'd like further help I offer personal tuition on Skype.

Lessons are £15 (20 dollars/euros) per hour. You can pay for the lessons easily and securely using Paypal.

Just click on one of the Paypal buttons below and you'll be redirected to a page containing further details and instructions. You'll also receive a message from me confirming receipt of your payment, and explaining the next steps to organise your lessons.

Buy 1 lesson - £15 :

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Buy 10 lessons in advance (20% discount) - £120 :

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About me:

Stephanie Warren, Bsc. B.A. DPSI.

Stephanie Warren, Bsc. B.A. DPSI.

I’m a French national with a passion for languages. I've been tutoring since 1997, helping a wide variety of people learn French for school, work-related projects, and even just to prepare for holidays in France.
I can help you improve your French whether you're a beginner or more advanced learner; to discuss your needs today!

Study Aids:

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