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To learn the meaning of a word used on this website, just click on the first letter :

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N : NA   NE   NI   NO   NU

nager, swim
nain, e, dwarf
naissance, f., birth
naïvement, naively
naïveté, f., simplicity
naturel, elle, natural
naturellement, naturally, of course
naufrage, m., shipwreck
naufragé, e, castaway

ne, adv., no
néanmoins, nevertheless
nef, f., nave
négligent, e, nglect
négliger, to neglect
négociant, e, trader, negotiator
négociation, f., negotiation
neuf, nine
neuf, neuve, new
neveu, x, m., nephew
nez, m., Nose

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ni, conj., nor
niais, e, silly
nicher: se --, to nest
nier, deny
niveau, x, m., Level

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noble, noble
noce, f., wedding
nom, m., name
nombre, m., number
nombreux, euse, many, numerous
nommé, e, appelé; N., called, named
non, no
nonchalance, f., nonchalance, lack of care
notre, adj. poss., our
nourrice, f.,   nursing (a child)
nourrir, feed
nourriture, f., food
nouveau, new
nouvelle, f., new
nouvellement, recently, newly
novice, novice
noyer, drown

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nuance, f., nuance
nuée, f., cloud, thick clouds
nuisible, harmful
nuit, f., night
nul, nulle, none

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