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An important yet difficult part of the process of learning any foreign language is getting your head around the correct use of grammar, and French is no exception!

Each of the sections below includes a short tutorial that simply explains one the rules of French grammar, and comes with one or two quizzes to help you practice. If you just want to practice, you can skip straight to the quizzes :

Plurals in French : Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2, Quiz 1 (easy) - Quiz 2 (harder)

Possessives in French : Tutorial, Quiz 1 (easy) - Quiz 2 (harder)

Using the right form of 'which' in French : Tutorial, Quiz 1 (easy) - Quiz 2 (harder)

Adjectives in French : Tutorial 1 - Tutorial 2 - easy Quiz 1 - Quiz 2 - harder Quiz 1 - Quiz 2

More articles on French grammar are coming soon!