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If you know little (or nothing) of the French language, you might like to start learning with the very simple quizzes on this page. Each one has an audio pronunciation guide you can listen to as you go along.

Don’t worry about getting some of the answers wrong, because if you go over the quizzes several times you'll soon know all the answers!

Quiz 1 - 15 simple yet useful French words

Quiz 2 - 15 simple yet useful French phrases

Quiz 3 - Learn the numbers from 1 to 15

Quiz 4 - 15 useful words about food and drink

You can learn very quickly using our quizzes - once you’ve mastered the quizzes here, see how you get on with the quizzes in the other sections. There are simple quizzes there too!

If you know nothing about France, you might want to read some of the information in the Articles section; they’re in English as well as French!